MyWave CMR turns the old world of CRM on its head

MyWave is a next generation CRM solution. MyWave CMR puts the customer in charge of their data and the experience. It enables the customer to have a direct ‘segment of one’ relationship with businesses – whether an airline, a bank, a power utility, a retailer, or a TV entertainment company. In fact, any industry.


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Bank of New Zealand and parent company National Australia Bank are trying to steer a steady path through waves of technological disruption. This Sunday Star Times innovation series article looks at the team, which includes MyWave CEO and NAB Director Geraldine McBride, tackling the banking tech challenge.   >>> Read More




08 April 2015

A few thoughts on ad blocking

By MyWave CEO and Founder, Geraldine McBride

This Venturebeat article discusses the rights and wrongs of ad blocking – a hot topic for everyone involved in the digital economy. I use AdBlocker as a line of defence and I don’t view it as theft. I think it is the digital equivalent of placing a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your physical mail box.



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About MyWave

Really putting customers at the centre of the relationship

MyWave CMR technology platform

MyWave was founded in 2013 by former SAP North America President Geraldine McBride as a first mover business leading a fundamental shift in the way companies and people communicate and do business together online. It operates in a category of business activity known as VRM, or vendor relationship management.

The MyWave capability includes the technology platform itself together with services to help enterprises re-imagine and redesign their next generation digital and in-store customer experiences, including social/digital marketing products and services.

MyWave CMR technology platform – CMR turns CRM on its head by putting the customer in control of getting those personalised experiences anytime, anywhere, on any device. The MyWave CMR Platform is constructed so that the customer owns their data. This removes privacy concerns and allows your business to build trust, advocacy and mutual value in each exchange.

MyWave Customer Experience Consulting Services – customer experience design experts who help businesses re-imagine customer experiences through the lens of the customer, moving business from the old push-based transaction model into a personalized model where great, sticky, personalised customer experiences that can’t be duplicated keep customers coming back for more.

MyWave CMR provides the end customer with a channel to communicate their preferences, intent, support issues and other vital data. It’s a secure, fully customisable SaaS personal cloud-based offering. Companies using MyWave CMR can use the unique, personal channel to communicate to the customer with relevant offers and new services in a relationship of Mutual Value.

MyWave CMR enables:

▶ Direct customer relationships – no more stalking or inferring. A real and direct, two-way permission-based customer relationship based on unique personal data

▶ Personalisation of experience and content on any device, anywhere

▶ Direct, real-time virtual service to customers improving experience and reducing the cost to serve

▶ Deep insight into customer needs for recommendations

▶ Redefining loyalty programs to reward advocacy and engagement.

MyWave CMR use cases

A typical TV company today does not know much about their customer beyond the billing address, the bundle they are paying for and how many and what kind of set-top boxes they have supplied. It’s a traditional push transaction broadcast business model. With MyWave CMR, the customer can share their viewing preferences with their TV company as to their favorite genres, and create social sign-in, social sharing, and social viewing with their friends and family on any device. The customer can pull entertainment content relevant to them, at any time. The TV company can promote recommendations relevant to the customer’s preferences, adding further to the positive experience and engagement as well as revenue growth.

A typical airline. Although airlines know customers will pay a premium for personalised service, they struggle to leverage the limited and soon outdated information collected via frequent flyer programs. With MyWave CMR, the customer owns the data and shares with the airline their needs, wants and preferences. This could be their seat preferences; entertainment preferences; concierge service requirements for travellers visiting holiday or business destinations; baggage being taken direct to the customer’s hotel, versus standing at a carousel; special fast-track services, versus standing in long lines. Flying does not have to be endured, it can be enjoyed – and customers are prepared to pay a premium for that, if only airlines knew what their customers wanted. MyWave CMR enables direct customer-managed relationship powered by personal cloud technology and mobile device apps to create great customer experiences because airlines can KNOW what their customers want.


Prospective customers, partners and investors can email Geraldine McBride at

The MyWave Vision

The Big Shift – How to survive and thrive in the new Experience Economy

MyWave Vision Image

More than 40 percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist a decade from now, writes MyWave founder and CEO Geraldine McBride.

Four major ‘inflection points’ – the explosion in mobile devices, the radical change in the buying patterns and expections of millenials, the ‘new normal’ of a post Global Financial Crisis world economy, and the rise of the ‘Experience Economy’ – are combining to propel a major shift in the way enterprises interact with customers – and vice versa. Read the MyWave vision of how enterprises can survive and thrive in the emerging online world by embracing new thinking and new technologies…Starting NOW.


MyWave People

Geraldine McBride - MyWave CEO

Geraldine McBride - MyWave founder and CEO.

A former CEO and President of several regional divisions of SAP (North America, Asia Pacific, Australia New Zealand), VP and Global Head of Applications and BPO (cloud mobile and outsourcing services) for Dell, and winner of many awards recognizing her accomplishments. >>> MORE

MyWave Chairman Phil Norman

Phil Norman - Chairman.

Phil Norman is a leading New Zealand expert and advisor on technology company commercialization and governance. Career highlights include a high profile role as the founding chairman of Xero Limited, one of New Zealand’s most successful publicly listed technology companies. He served as chairman of the New Zealand Venture Capital Association during 2002 and 2003 and for six years was a member of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Beachheads Advisory Board. His current director roles include chairman of Loyalty New Zealand Limited and chair of NZAX listed VMob Group Limited.

Tim Cook, MyWave Non-Executive Director

Tim Cook - Non-Executive Director.

Tim Cook is the Managing Director of Collins Asset Management Limited; an Auckland based private equity and investment company. Collins Asset Management Limited has a number of investments in medical, technology, property, executive recruitment and the motor industry. Tim has been with Collins Asset Management Limited since 2003, when he was initially a business advisor to the Chairman, and subsequently became a Director and CEO of Primecare Retirement Villages. He then oversaw the sale of that business in 2005, following which the Collins Group became a private equity organisation. Tim is a Director of a number of companies within and outside of Collins. He is Chairman of Team McMillan BMW Limited, Team MINI Limited and Rolls Royce Motor Cars Auckland. He is also Chairman of SaferSleep NZ Limited and SaferSleep USA and The Auckland Heart Group, New Zealand’s largest private cardiology practice. He is a Director of MyWave Limited and MyWave Holdings Limited, Cook Executive Recruitment Limited and a Director of NZX listed Veritas Investments Limited and its subsidiaries - Mad Butcher Limited, Nosh Group Limited and The Better Bar Company Limited. He chairs the Remuneration Committee for Veritas and is a member of the Finance and Audit Committee. He is also a Director of NZAX listed VMob Limited. His earlier management career includes senior retail and operational management roles in the supermarket, retail, franchising, food and fashion industry sectors.

MyWave CTO James Ladd

James Ladd - CTO.

James Ladd is a highly experienced software developer and software development team and project leader. He has developed software products across multiple domains, from securities trading to multi-player games. He is an international technical speaker and the creator of the Redline Smalltalk programming language.

Amy Johnson MyWave Customer Experience

Amy Johnson - MyWave Chief Customer Experience Officer.

An avid technology entrepreneur and young millennial visionary who is graduating with MA (hons) Business from The University of Edinburgh.

Dr Phil Windley MyWave Advisor

Dr Phil Windley - Chief Technical Advisor to MyWave.

Dr Phil Windley, Ph.D. is a professor of computer science, founder of Kynetx, veteran entrepreneur and former CIO of Utah.

Doc Searls MyWave advisor VRM

Doc Searls - Special Advisor MyWave Board.

Doc is President of the Searls Group, senior editor of the Linux Journal, and director of ProjectVRM at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, which supports companies working towards customer empowerment. He is a co-author of the landmark Cluetrain Manifesto and author of The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge, which is based on his work with ProjectVRM. The new ideas and concepts behind such terms as VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) and ‘the markets are conversations’ stem from Doc and his work.

Joe Pine MyWave advisor

Joe Pine - Special Advisor MyWave Board.

A cofounder of the management consultancy Strategic Horizons LLP, and an internationally acclaimed author, management advisor and authority on experience staging. He is the author of Mass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition, and co-author of The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage. The terms “mass customization”, “experience economy” and “demand chain” all started with Joe and his work.